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The Government is Getting Artificial Intelligence as Its New Adviser!

“I would like to start the meeting with a surprise,” Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said solemnly.

“The government marks an international first by launching the first adviser using artificial intelligence: ION,” he continued, waving his hand at a bright blue screen to his left.

This AI tool was developed by researchers from several universities in this country often described as the “Silicon Valley” of Eastern Europe.

Its objective: to inform the government “in real time of the proposals and wishes of the Romanians”, explained Mr. Ciuca, in particular by analyzing the most viral publications on social networks.

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Citizens will also be able to chat with this new kind of assistant on a dedicated website.

After the general presentation to his ministers, the screen came to life: “Hello, you gave me life and my role is now to represent the Romanians, like a mirror. What should I know about Romania? said ION, accompanied by sound effects worthy of a Z series.

“Romania is a beautiful country populated by beautiful people”, replied Nicolae Ciuca, saying his “conviction that the use of AI should not be an option but an obligation to make better informed decisions”.

If the dialogue and the staging make you smile, it is for Romania to enter the AI ​​race.

This technology has been in our lives for decades, and has been in the spotlight since the November launch of the ChatGPT chatbot.

Source: Sudinfo