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North Dakota Little League Team at the World Series

“They were like ‘When we turn 12 we’re going to the little league routes, we’re going to Williamsport’, and they did it” reflects team mom, Greta Evenson, as the boys defeated South Dakota to advance to the World Series, but it has been a lot of hard work, dedication and emotion amongst all the fans, coaches, and players to get them to that point.

“Someone comes in and scores and they’re just so happy and excited there’s tears in their eyes while they’re playing. “, Assistant Coach, Sean Evenson shares about the emotions and attitude of the team while they are on the field.

The players, turned brothers, have baseball to thank for bringing them together with not only their teammates, but also.. players from around the world.

“Everybody’s just mingling, hanging out, trading pins, and getting to know each other”, the assistant coach describes the atmosphere amongst the teams gathered in Williamsport, PA for the tournament.

“They kept getting better and then they achieved their goals so that’s pretty cool to see” comments the Fargo Youth Baseball Director, Zach Frazier, as he has been a proud supporter of the team for many years.

The team parents, coaches, and players reflected about how grateful they are for the outreach and support from the community, and want to continue to see baseball grow in the state.

“The coaches and I talk about it all the time, what a great way to see baseball expand in the state of North Dakota”, says the assistant coach, as he is excited about what the opportunity will do for sport in our community in the future.

While the players have been working hard on the field, they’ve been balancing having fun and preparing off the field in Williamsport, while staying lose for their first game.

” Were giving them some free time, some of them are just resting, hanging out, some of them are playing ping pong, staying lose. So they’re having a good time” the coach assures us, when asked about how the boys have been getting ready for the game.

We are all hoping they can continue that good time onto the field as they face off against the Southwest Region.

Source: Valley News Live