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North Dakota Attorney General Sparks Conversations Surrounding “Guardian Reports”

In the aftermath of the violent incident on July 14, North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley has sparked curiosity and confusion with his recent statement, referencing a mysterious “Guardian Report.”

The statement has left many pondering not only the identity of the gunman behind the violence but also the nature of what this report could entail.

“I literally have never heard the phrase before, it’s a federal report of some kind,” Wrigley stated during a press conference on July 21.

Wrigley also mentioned there were previous discussions about 37-year-old Mohamed Barakat potentially being on a terrorist watch list, but later revealed that information from federal partners indicated otherwise. However, Wrigley revealed that there was a “Guardian Report” from some years back.

The lack of familiarity with the term “Guardian Report” has raised eyebrows and confusion from many.

On the Department of Justice website, links and information about software used by the FBI called “Guardian” can be found. This software is designed to record and assign counterterrorism threats and suspicious incidents. Many now wonder what crucial information the report contained about the gunman, identified as Barakat.

“It is not that we are told about a threat of violence or an act of this nature” Wrigley said. “I have literally never heard it referenced in light of an investigation until this instance.”

Digging deeper into the FBI’s terrorist threat and incident tracking system, it was discovered that “Guardian” serves as a platform for state and federal law enforcement to collaborate and coordinate on suspicious activities.

This revelation raises concerns about the anonymity of individuals on the “Guardian Report” within the area, as well as what relevant details were known about Barakat.

“We’re all familiar with the terrorist watch list” Wrigley said. “Barakat was not on the terrorist watch list, but there was a Guardian report.”

Wrigley has promised to release the body camera video from the fatal shooting in the near future, in hopes that in the near future more answers will come to light, as the community continues to grapple with lingering questions about the shooting and what was known prior to the tragic event.

Source : KVLY