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Moorhead Man Arrested After Chase Reached Speeds of 130 mph

BARNES COUNTY, N.D. — A Moorhead man was arrested after leading police on a high-speed chase along Interstate 94 near Valley City on Wednesday, Nov. 29.

Around 11:45 a.m., a North Dakota Highway Patrol trooper observed a 2016 Chevrolet Impala traveling eastbound at speeds of 110 miles per hour near Valley City, according to a report from the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

While the trooper attempted a traffic stop of the vehicle, the driver, Dylan Miller of Moorhead, fled at speeds of 130 miles per hour, the report said.

The trooper initiated a pursuit that covered roughly two miles before the suspect intentionally struck the guardrail and concrete barricade at the mile marker 300 overpass, causing Miller to lose control and enter the median, striking the cable median barrier.

“Once he hit the median his debris from the car was just raining down all over,” said Shay Moser, who witnessed the crash while traveling westbound from Fargo to Bismarck.

That debris caused a small crack in his windshield and minor scratches on the outside of his car.

Moser says without the cable barriers in the median it would have been a lot worse.

“Without those barriers that car would have hit me head-on, there’s no question, I would not have been able to avoid it at all,” he said.

The 36-year-old, who was not hurt despite not wearing his seat belt, then exited the Chevrolet from the front passenger side door and walked into traffic.

The trooper said Miller said to “shoot him.”

The trooper, who was still waiting for backup, then switched from his gun to his taser for safety.

“It was a complex scene, there’s a lot of moving parts, we are taking into account we still have traffic coming around us, and to be able to consciously take a look and see there was no lethal threat there,” said Sgt. Evan Savageau.

After walking roughly 150 feet along the eastbound lanes of I-94, Miller complied with the trooper’s commands.

“We have to obviously thank the motoring public today that was traveling eastbound, they were all paying attention, didn’t put anyone else in harms way, no crashes, no near misses with our trooper with the person we were out working with. So we are very, very fortunate that nobody got hurt today from this incident,” Savageau said.

Miller was taken into custody without incident and was charged with felony fleeing in a motor vehicle and driving under the influence of drugs.

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