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Long-Term Auto Workers Strike Could Impact North Dakota’s Dealers

WILLISTON, N.D. (KUMV) – The United Auto Workers strike against the Big Three Automakers could cause problems for dealerships in North Dakota if it continues long-term.

The UAW wants an immediate 20 percent raise, followed by four additional five percent raises each over the course of a four-year deal, restoring cost of living increases, pensions and retiree benefits.

Until General Motors, Ford and Stellantis work a deal, new vehicles and parts could become scarce.

Williston Auto General Manager Drew Balogh says they purchased extra parts in anticipation of a possible strike. Balogh says they are in a good spot, but if the strike lasts more than two weeks, there may be shortages in their service department.

“That will affect our service customers if we are waiting on a part for replacement for their pickup truck, SUV or van,” said Balogh.

Williston Auto is a GMC and Chevrolet dealership. Chevrolet is owned by Stellantis.

Balough added that a slowdown in the assembly line could cause delays for new car orders. He said it can take anywhere between eight to twelve weeks to get a vehicle.

Talks between the union and company representatives are expected to continue this week.

“We aren’t excited about a strike; however, we do believe everyone deserves a fair paycheck,” said Balogh.

Source : KFYR