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Liv Golf Last-Minute Preps Underway for ‘Golf but Louder’

 The LIV Golf tournament is making its debut in Oklahoma and it’s aiming to be more unique than any golf tournament ever hosted in the Tulsa area.

Wednesday has been a day of last minute preps before the big wave of players, staff and guests this weekend.

As some golfers warmed up on the course, others were getting the speakers hooked up for the main stage. It was the calm before the storm, and it’s expected to be a great one on Mothers Day weekend.

It’s golf, but louder. That’s LIV’s trademark.

Country artist Lainey Wilson, of Nashville, will perform on the main stage on Friday. Next up will be Tulsa’s own Jasper Williams on Saturday.

“We do that to bring in the local crowds, said Ron Cross, LIV Golf’s Chief Event Officer. “We want to shine a light on the local community that we’re playing.”

Of course – golf will play a big role, as well.

Professional golfers were warming up at the tee box, and on the putting green. There were also some players on the drivers range. Cedar Ridge Country Club in Broken Arrow is equipped with everything they need to play their best golf.

Howard Perk and his wife just flew in from Florida to volunteer as ball spotters.

“It looks beautiful,” Perk said to 2 News referring to the Tulsa area. “We’re used to sandy beaches but you’ve got green grass, and hills.”

For other visitors who have never experienced LIV Golf, expect a unique experience.

Besides the music, there will also be extreme aerial parachute landings at the first fairway to kick off play everyday. There will also be a fan village with a golf simulator, face painting and more.

“We wanted to do something different, and something that we think can be improving to the game of golf,” Cross said. “We’re all golf fans at heart, we all love the game. We had an opportunity to do things a little different, and we think better.”

Source : 2News