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Gas prices are causing headaches across North Dakota

The price of gas is steadily on the rise, and across our area, the price of gas is up 40 cents a gallon.

At the gas pump, more recently, people are noticing that they’re paying a little more for gas than usual. But why?

“An increase in crude oil prices again, and I think from a standpoint of consumers, all of us that feel our gas tanks, I think we should be very, very unhappy. Actually, the Biden Administration continues to press more and more regulations that are just causing supplies across this country and across the world to be tightened. And of course, the unrest in the world last week, they stopped a movement by rail of some liquids, of gas. So, continuing to just push and push and push more regulations, more regulations, but that is really having an impact on the market,” said Ron Ness, the North Dakota Petroleum Council president.

Now, this price is affecting everyone, including locals and out-of-towners.

“Well, gas prices right now are pretty tough. I don’t know what caused the big jump in the last, you know, week or so here, but, it makes it pretty tough to do any driving. I like to hunt and fish, so, it’s a tough time of year to be high gas prices,” said Matt Chouinard, a local wildlife biologist.

“Not quite as cheap as home. Like I said, we’re under $4 a gallon, but I’ve definitely seen it a little bit more expensive on my way up. A little tougher to do business, actually, especially when it continues to climb. I have to factor that cost into all of my quotes that I provide customers,” said Jason Verdun from Texas.

“What we’re seeing is some refinery issues some refineries have gone under maintenance which would be moving some of the supply from the upper midwest and that kind of shook the market the last week and created some concern over needing supply we believe its short term but that doesn’t mean we’re not feeling that pain behind the pump,” said Gene LaDoucer, the regional director of public relations for AAA. “What we’re recommending is the shop around many communities. We’re seeing 30 or 40 cents, difference between the lowest price gasoline and the highest price gasoline.”

And folks are doing just that at Sam’s Club.

Although the line extends into the street, members KX spoke with say cheaper prices are worth the wait.

“The traffic is slow but the 70 cents is worth it? Yeah, well should’ve gone to the other side, it’s going a lot faster, only one pump over here,” said Robert, a Sam’s Club member.

“Gas prices here are 60 cents cheaper than where I came from. So, to sit in line for 30 minutes is good for me,” said Pansy Eskiss, the Sam’s Club member.

The North Dakota Petroleum Council President, Ron Ness, told KX News we need to produce more types of energy, and certainly oil, gas, and coal have to be at the top of the list.

He says as long as the Biden Administration continues to push hard on making it tough to produce oil and going against fossil fuels consumers will continue to suffer.

The average price of a gallon of regular gas as of this afternoon is around $4.20 a gallon, in the Bismarck/Mandan community.

Source: KX News