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Finishing up North Dakota Harvest With Drier Conditions

NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Now that the first frost of the season has come and gone, farmers and ranchers are hoping for some drier weather, so they can get back to harvesting. Recently, all the wet and snowy conditions have created soggy ground, allowing it to lose quality, which is what farmers are trying to avoid. In today’s Eye on Ag and Energy, we take a look at those crops still in the ground.

Tyler Kralicek, with the NDSU Extension Service says when it comes to harvesting, the ground can’t be too dry, but it also can’t be too wet. In our region, this has delayed the process for many farmers. Kralicek says you can contact your crop insurance agent and report a loss and let your agent know what’s going on. He also says he does not know what the final verdict will be, but on the livestock side of things, ranchers are now trying to move their cattle closer to home.

“Hopefully, the roads are dry enough to where those cows that haven’t been able to get shipped closer to home are able to do that here this week, and/or within the next two weeks,” said Tyler Kralicek.

Small grains are off the field as of right now, so you aren’t going to see lots of wheat or oat.
A lot of those crops are already gone. Kralicek says the ones you will see are corn, sunflower, and soybean.

Source : KX NEWS