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Business Buzz: Hotel at Drekker’s Brewhalla Now Open, Midwest Ag Summit Planned June 6, and More

FARGO — The long awaited Brewhalla Hotel is now open. The 40 room hotel sits atop Brewhalla, Fargo’s “Food and Entertainment Wonderland,” just outside downtown Fargo at 1702 1st Ave. N.

Brewhalla features a market with several restaurants and shops, a state-of-the-art event center, as well as two Drekker Brewing bars and a hallway right into the brewery and taproom.

“This isn’t a normal hotel and if you know anything about us, that should make sense,” explains Mark Bjornstad, president of Drekker Brewing and Brewhalla, via statement. “We wanted to design rooms that told a story and created an experience that immerses guests in the little weird world we’ve been building.”

The Brewhalla Hotel is built to deliver a one-of-kind experience with industrial loft-style rooms, each designed around one of Drekker’s many different beers with artwork from Punchgut. The hotel offers six different room types ranging from double queens to large suites with full kitchens and living spaces.

Guests will be able to check in online ahead of their arrival, where they’ll have the opportunity to choose to have certain items from the shops in the Brewhalla Market waiting for them in their room. Once they arrive, guests are encouraged to stop in at the main floor Brewhalla bar where they’ll receive a complimentary beer of their choice. Hotel guests will also have complimentary coffee from Thunder Coffee, the main floor coffee shop in Brewhalla, waiting for them in the third floor lounge each morning.

Midwest Ag Summit planned for June 6 in West Fargo

The Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce will host the Midwest Agriculture Summit from 8 to 11 a.m. Tuesday, June 6, at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds in West Fargo.

Experts, businesses and policymakers from across the region and nation will be unpacking, discussing and taking an in-depth look at the dynamic facets of the ag sector, including critical policies and pressing issues.

The Midwest Ag Summit will also feature three panels of experts with the first being heavily focused on policies, regulation and the paramount Farm Bill of 2023, and the second uncovering and discussing leading efficiencies, development, innovation, sustainability, and the landscape of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) evolution and impacts.

Dr. Walter Kemmsies, managing partner at The Kemmsies Group, will deliver the keynote address “What Matters Most to Agriculture?” Kemmsies is widely viewed as one of the foremost experts on ports, rail, and infrastructure in the U.S. His areas of expertise include demand forecasting, maritime, and overall global trade regulatory issues, public and private port and infrastructure financing, and long-term strategic planning and capital investment.

For more information or to register, visit fmwfchamber.com.

Your Zoom background is more important than you think

The world of remote workplaces has given a whole new meaning to the term “background check.”

According to a new study conducted by the Wall Street Journal, 53% of respondents said they form impressions of others on video conference calls based on their Zoom backgrounds. And 83% suggested considering your background is important to your image.

Which begs the question: What type of background is perceived as the most professional?

The answer was surprising. While most people steer toward non-revealing backgrounds — including those “living rooms” which look like you live in a multi-million-dollar beach house — people on the other end typically prefer a fun background.

Apparently, choosing a fun background can make you seem more friendly and sincere. Also, patterning your background after a personal (workplace-appropriate) interest — such as soccer or music — can help break down barriers, make remote meetings less rigid and keep the digital conversation flowing.

Fun backgrounds can be especially impactful if you’re in a consumer-facing role, such as customer service. It can humanize what would otherwise be a faceless transaction and help you to smooth over more intense interactions.

But remember that not all video backgrounds are created equal. For example, a view of a messy room might reveal an authentic part of your personality, but not necessarily the one you want to share with customers or coworkers.

Also, always consider the context of the call. It’s one thing to show yourself lounging on the beach during a routine end-of-week wrap-up. It’s another if you’re joining a high-stress, emergency-response meeting.

Then it’s best to just skip the theme and stick to business

Source: Inforum