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5 Historic Cleveland Winter Storms

Winter is here, as Northeast Ohio residents who used their snowblowers and shovels found out Tuesday.

Driving the news: A winter storm brought several inches of snow and high winds to the area, with more expected through Wednesday morning.

Why it matters: Blizzards have been known to bring Northeast Ohio travel to a standstill.

Flashback: For as rough as the first major snowfall of the season can be, it could be — and has been — worse.

  • We revisited five of Cleveland’s worst winter storms since the National Weather Service began keeping records in 1871:

Great Lakes Storm of 1913

Details: You know a storm is brutal when it has nicknames like “The Big Blow” and “The White Hurricane.”

  • It pummeled the Great Lakes in November 1913, taking down power lines and dropping 22 inches of snow on Cleveland.

Thanksgiving 1950

Details: That holiday weekend saw 22 inches of snow and winds of 25 mph hit Cleveland.

  • The city moved nearly 10,000 vehicles that had been abandoned.

Blizzard of 1978

Details: The worst blizzard in Cleveland’s history began Jan. 26, 1978, when a cyclone produced sustained winds above 80 mph and a wind chill of 60° below zero.

  • More than 110,000 Cleveland area residents lost power, and 51 people died statewide.

Christmas snowstorm of 2004

Details: Anyone dreaming of a white Christmas got their wish that year.

  • A storm dumped 9-plus inches of snow on Dec. 22, followed by another 6 inches on Dec. 23. It tied 1995’s record for the most snow on the ground (13 inches) on Christmas morning.

Winter Storm Elliott

Details: The Christmas week storm of 2022 only brought 3 to 4 inches of snow to the Cleveland area.

What we’re watching: Cleveland residents can see which streets have been plowed via the city’s snowplow tracker.

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